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We know that you need a contractor who understands the requirements needed to make safe, clean food and drinks. Our extensive knowledge of food industry requirements and complexities allows us to focus on increasing your operational efficiencies that are in-line with regulations.

Gross Mechanical


Objective: Aluminum Bottling Facility

Project Overview: GMC executed three different projects to support the installation of a new aluminum bottling facility.

Scope 1: Included installation and final connections for the water main and gas main running to new facility. The project also included all excavation and backfill for roughly 2000 ft of piping and final connections, including all required valving and stopple installation. GMC completed hot taps for both the water line and gas line to allow final connections while the line was still flowing with product.

Scope 2: Assist with installation of equipment for the new scrap building adjacent to the new bottle facility. GMC also installed 32 pieces of equipment including a dust collector fan, weigh hoppers, catch bins with motorized valves, oil drain piping separator, block scrap compactor, cupping press, bag filtration housings, cyclones, depalletizer, roof top AC units, and automated conveyor oilers.

Scope 3: Included installing 53 pieces of equipment including tanks, lime slurry pumps, screw feeders, tank mixers, and structural steel for platforms for the new bottling plant’s wastewater treatment. GMC also installed temporary lamella for water treatment requirements while the existing wastewater treatment facility was demoed out with field-testing. All concrete work for pads, clarifier work, and painting services were managed by GMC.


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