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United States manufacturing is increasingly making a comeback. Gross Mechanical is invested in the type of fabrication work that was once a large portion of the St. Louis market by applying progressive thinking and improved processes to deliver more efficient, high-quality solutions at cost-effective prices.


Gross Mechanical is a mechanical contractor specializing in private sector industrial construction for over 50 years, offering pipefitting and fabrication services to heavy-industrial customers in the Midwest region.

The third generation of the Gross family has strategically expanded the business, increasing value to the existing customer base and reaching new opportunities beyond its current geography. The company relocated to a larger shop to expand fabrication capabilities and efficiencies.


Gross Mechanical works in power, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, water/wastewater, chemical and industrial manufacturing, and food and beverage markets. Our projects range from fabricating single spools and emergency maintenance calls to $32 million capital projects.


Our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our clients and become the contractor of choice in mechanical construction. We take pride in our advanced project management process, first-rate customer service, and exceptional quality—delivered on time and on budget.


Mission Statement:

We will proactively identify, listen to, and exceed our client’s expectations for safety, quality, budget, and scheduling on all projects while maintaining a reasonable return on investment for our shareholders.


We believe that our clients should have all of the information they need to make the most informed business decisions at any point in their project.

Our design-assisted pre-construction planning and Primavera scheduling allows us to effectively manage and seamlessly interface the two functions as engineering progresses and construction scopes become better defined. Regardless of the contract delivery system, we manage all projects as if they were built with our own money.


One of the core tenets of our project management philosophy is recommending our clients form a partnership with their internal stakeholders early in a project and treat each of these stakeholders as a member of the team. These stakeholders—client, engineering contractor, procurement specialist, and construction contractor—must have a common understanding and agreement regarding the project scope, goals, execution, and controls.


GMC specializes in seven heavily regulated industries to meet even more of your power and process piping needs.


Contact us to begin planning for your next project.


Gross Mechanical is not your typical contractor. We are experts in you.

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