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From fabrication to installation, we work hard to exceed client expectations for safety, quality, budget, and schedules across all projects. Construction-timed fabrication allows us to build and deliver what you need, where you need it, and when you need it in the Greater St. Louis region.


We continuously find new and creative ways to lower total installed cost by reducing field labor and the need for a laydown yard, ultimately minimizing risk of injury and potential quality issues. Our ability to quickly respond to client needs without interrupting workflow encourages schedule adherence to reduce downtime and increase productivity.



Safety comes first. And second.

From fabrication to installation, safety is built into every process, phase, and step of the way by conducting daily Job Safety Analyses and weekly toolbox talks to guide us through project work. Safety labor dollars and materials are accounted for in each estimate from the very beginning to ensure time and equipment are properly allocated to the project. We empower our employees to take responsibility for their own safety, but also assign accountability to the entire team. On every project, we prepare a site-specific safety program that integrates client and GMC requirements to be published into a vest-pocket size manual to which all employees will refer.

Project Management


We bridge the gap between management and labor to ensure safety, timeliness, quality, and budget.

Gross Mechanical’s project management process provides clients with information that allows them to make informed business decisions anytime during the engineering, procurement, or construction phase of a project. To ensure accurate budget and schedule projections, we use job costing and distribute budget and hour responsibility to our team to create project goals and set labor expectations. In addition to our accountability methods, our union partnership provides our clients with readily trained, skilled labor, allowing us to quickly increase or decrease staff size based on demand.

GMC establishes clear, achievable objectives for each project, which are organized into an MCA award-winning manual and distributed to all stakeholders. The manual serves as a useful tool throughout the entirety of the project, facilitating the proactive identification and resolution of any problems in accordance with the predetermined goals.

Project Managment Stages
GMC Project Manual


Quality assurance and quality control are essential to accomplishing your project’s goals as well as safeguarding your investment. 

Our quality management system begins in the estimating phase to identify places where certain requirements may impact project costs. Quantifying the impact to budget and schedule allows the client to make an informed business decision on the course of the project.

Client QA requirements are incorporated into GMC’s own QA requirements for specific projects and are used in orientating new hires. An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is created for every project and reviewed with the owner to establish clear direction prior to starting work. We will also keep a Certified Welding Inspector onsite to complete all inspections and documentation.

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Stamps: PP, U, S

  • ASME Process Piping Code B31.3

  • National Board Certified R stamp


GMC specializes in seven heavily regulated industries to meet even more of your power and process piping needs.


Nationwide fabrication services in high-impact industries to streamline construction — saving you time, labor, and money.


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